Recording & Arrangement

Do you want to produce your own songs in a recording studio and need help with recording or arrangement?

My recording philosophy:

Whether you’re a hip hop artist or singer/songwriter, I can help you to develop your ideas and arrange your tracks.

A diverse musical background and an interest in almost all kinds of music help me to find the right arrangement for your song in my recording studio.

Tonstudio Drum Machine Jomox
Tonstudio Drum Machine Jomox

I have a wide range of both software and hardware available in my studio to help bring your musical ideas to life. This ranges from state-of-the-art software and analog sound generators (e. g. drum machines) to numerous real instruments such as guitar, bass, percussion and piano.


Produzent Moritz Maier
Produzent Moritz Maier

Whether you have a finished instrumental piece and only want to record a rap or vocal line, or even if you only have a few chords. Let’s find and develop your sound together.

“I recorded 3 songs with Moritz for my demo CD. From raw material to the finished mix, it was a super creative, professional and above all enjoyable process. Moritz plays great guitar and bass himself. He also knows many musicians who can record stuff in the recording studio. He found a great balance between putting my ideas into practice and bringing in his own creativity – both when arranging, playing the instruments and mixing. I learnt a lot and am more than satisfied with the result. I had an idea and Moritz helped me to put it into practice. Thank you again! “(Martin Schäffner)

Prices for recording:

The prices for producing, arranging and recording are difficult to calculate. My daily rate starts at 299 € (+ 19% VAT). For larger projects, fixed prices are also possible.

If you’d like, I can also do the mixing and mastering your songs.

References Recording:

If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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