I would like to mix your songs for you. If you wish, I can also consult with you before recording so that the best possible tracks are available for the mix.

My Mixing Philosophy

The mix of a song or an album has two levels for me: On the one hand, of course, it’s about working on a song in such a way that it’s technically perfect and corresponds to the standard on the radio. On the other hand, it is also a very creative process that can add a whole new level to a track – be it by adding exciting effects or working out breaks and transitions. Or simply by leaving out parts.

Mixing im Tonstudio Moritz Maier
Mixing im Tonstudio Moritz Maier

“We produced and recorded a song. Moritz then took the track to a higher level with his expertise in mixing and mastering “(Cayan Tekci, Germany)

Prices for mixing:

Mixing (up to 16 tracks): 175 €.
Mixing (up to 32 tracks): 299 €.
Editing (vocals tune etc.): 45 €/hour

All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT. Discounts for multiple songs are available on request. This is especially true if I am also contracted to master your songs.

Mono Monitoring im Tonstudio
Mono Monitoring im Tonstudio

Mixing references:


Please export all single tracks so that they start at the beginning of the song. This ensures that everything is in its place when I import the tracks.
Deactivate all unnecessary plug-ins and set the faders of each track to 0dB and Panorama to 0.
All tracks should be labelled in a clear way (Kick-Drum, Snare-Drum etc.). The less time I need to find my way around, the more time there is for your mix.
Please let me know if there are any timing or pitch corrections to be made.
If you work with Logic Pro X, Presonus Studio One or Pro Tools 12 you can also send me the whole session directly.

If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Moritz Maier / Mixing in Cologne / 0221-71500590