Logic Pro X Lessons

Why do I offer Logic Pro X classes?

The World Wide Web is full of tutorials on all kinds of Logic Pro X related topics. These are often formulated in a very general way and do not address individual questions:

  • Are your questions not being answered anywhere online?
  • Tired of clicking your way through countless forums?

Then you’ve come to the right place! I offer tailor-made lessons on all relevant Logic Pro X topics. First of all, we work together to find out where you stand and which questions need to be answered first, so that you harness all the musical and creative power that Logic has to offer. Ultimately, Logic is supposed to be a tool that helps you to realize your musical ideas.

“Moritz understands how to explain things easily and openly without you having to ask questions afterwards. I’m looking forward to my next Logic Pro X training session and I’m looking forward to learning more “(Marius Mayer, Bonn)

Possible topics:

  • Basics of the program
  • Setting up recording (cabling, level, latency)
  • Workflow optimization
  • Recording and editing
  • MIDI programming and editing
  • Mixing and Mastering

Philosophy Logic Pro X lessons:

The quickest and most effective way to learn is to use concrete examples. So bring your existing song ideas with you and I’ll show you how to produce them with the plugins provided. I will also be happy to help you to select and prepare the necessary setup (consisting of Apple computer, software, audio interface and boxes). Or I can help you to get to know your existing equipment better and optimize your workflow.
About me:

I’ve been working with Apple Logic Pro X for over 15 years and know all versions and their special “little problems” from my day to day work in the recording studio. I am the author of the “Logic Profi Guide” (a specialized book with tutorials and workshops about Logic Pro X) and I have been writing regular workshops and reviews for the music magazines KEYS, Recording Magazin and SOUNDCHECK since 2008. Find out more about me here.

Mixing im Tonstudio Moritz Maier
Mixing im Tonstudio Moritz Maier


The lessons are held either in my recording studio in Cologne, at your location or via Skype and Teamviewer over the internet. In terms of content, we only deal with topics that are important and relevant to you.
5 Lesson card 180€
10 Lesson card 350 €

All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.

If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Moritz Maier / Logic Pro X Lessons in Cologne and via Skype / 0221-71500590